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Full text of "SALA - 4 WATERS (GFR 022)"

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Artist: SALA (Lithuania) 
Title: 4 WATERS 
Duration: 38:45 
Style: Field Recordings/Sound Art 
Date: May 2011 
Label: Green Field Recordings 
Artwork and Original Photos: GFR/SALA 
http ://ww w . my space . com/sal alithuania 
(cc) SALA / GFR 
GFR 022 

Tracks Info: 

Jurmala Calm - The tack is time compressed and multilayered audio documentation of calm 

seaside day in Jurmala (Latvia). 

Under The World Tree - Waters from above. It begins to rain, the observer is under umbrella 
and then, slowly, follows the emerging water flows on the ground. 

Deeper And Deeper - The movements of substances under iced streams, melting snows and 
springs erupting under water. Spoken words sample is taken from R. Katinaite-Lumpickiene 

audio book "Paraic nama" 

Discovering The Silences - Layers of close-up location recordings made at the various 
waterfalls: early springtime rush of wild energies. 

4 WATERS was initially conceived and performed in the live event Ritual (18 May 2010) 

01 . Jurmala Calm [07:53] 

02. Under the World Tree [1 0:03; 

03. Deeper and Deeper [10:57] 

04. Discovering the Silences [09:52] 

[cc] 201 1 SALA/GFR 
GFRD22 1